Improvement of Crop Plants for Industrial End Uses

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Applications of Biotechnology to Crops: Benefits and Risks

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Further, the reach of the e book shop is immense, enabling a person living in Sydney to source out to be able to a publication house inside Chicago. Marker assisted selection and genomics of industrial plants Pages Mandolino, Giuseppe.

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Improved agronomy and management of crop plants for industrial end uses Pages Barbanti, Lorenzo et al. Lignin manipulation for fibre improvement Pages Stephens, Jennifer et al. Improvement of fibre and composites for new markets Pages Toonen, Marcel et al. In planta novel starch synthesis Pages N.

Seed and Variety Improvement

Chibbar, Ravindra et al. Bioethanol: role and production technologies Pages Chiaramonti, David.


Complex lipid biosynthesis and its manipulation in plants Pages A. Guschina, Irina et al.

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Biodiesel production Pages Gerpen, Jon Van. Bioelectricity and cogeneration Pages Grassi, Giuliano et al.

Genetic improvement of crops for energy generation: comparison of different provision chains with respect to biomass and biofuel production Pages Ranalli, Paolo et al. Anaerobic digestion: a multi-faceted process for energy, environmental management and rural development Pages Braun, Rudolf.

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Molecular farming for antigen vaccine production in plants Pages Lico, Chiara et al. Molecular farming of antibodies in plants Pages Twyman, Richard M. Molecular tailoring and boosting of bioactive secondary metabolites in medicinal plants Pages Leone, Antonella et al. Potential market for bio-based products in the context of European greenhouse gas reduction strategies Pages Hillring, Bengt et al.

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